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Back in the 1990s, the production of commercials was only possible for large companies. Now we live in a new era. Due to the rapid development of technology, which has led to a growing digitization of film production, the realization of promotional videos for companies of all types and sizes has become a reality.
Contact us. Depending on the budget, we will find the right concept to increase the awareness of your company.


Despite a growing amount of news about the consequences of critical social issues or of natural disasters, these seem to have little effect on people’s lives. Why is it?
At Dream Up we have a clear opinion on that: information alone hardly moves. To touch someone, to motivate a person to become active, it is crucial how you present the information. The shape is therefore at least as important as the content.
We firmly believe that by producing a suitable spot, the voice of a non-profit institution will have a much greater impact on society.


At dream up, we are also interested in producing feature films that concentrate on existing social problems. In that sense we focus on realism.

The world is full of stories that are waiting to be told. The real challenge is to pick the right story for the right time and tell it in the right way. If so, the result can be a thousand times stronger than any written message. Hence, we strongly believe in the power of movies to change the world for better.